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Engine - Unreal Engine                     Team Size : 5

3D PC resource management game built in Unreal Engine 4. Players will have to manage all of their plant’s resource needs with the tools given to them, such as a watering can and the ability to pick up and drop plants out of the sunlight. Managed and created all gameplay systems and mechanics. Was also in charge of lighting, any shader work, and animation/UI implementation.

Swan Song

Engine - Unreal Engine                     Team Size: 8

   3D PC dungeon crawler online multiplayer game built in Unreal Engine 4 for the Ubisoft Montreal Game Lab Competition. Players would enter a randomly generated room where they would have to defeat monsters using their musical instruments. Managed all of the gameplay systems inside of the game, which included a note combo system. Programmed all of the state machine AI and also created the dungeon generator.

Gutter Golf

Engine - Unity 2D                          Team Size : 7

2D Nintendo Switch party game built in Unity, as a mashup of mini-golf and bowling. Played on a mini-golf style course, players roll bowling balls to knock down all the pins on each “hole.” Like golf, player with the lowest score wins the game. Managed all Switch controller inputs (including gyro and accelerometer), coded all game physics, as well as turn-by-turn multiplayer system

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